As we go forward, building the Young Talent Initiative, your important pledge to help spread the YTI message through social media (Whatsapp status, Instagram) will go a long way towards reaching our long-term goals.

Once a month, just for the dedicated members of this marketing group we will be raffling off a $40 gift card to ANYWHERE – your choice! All we need is confirmation of your posts and you are in.

Group link:
On average, we will be sending out YTI content once every two weeks for you to share. Tizku L’mitzvos and let’s all work towards creating this musical and creative powerhouse as a foundation for the next generation of out-of-box Frum young people.
Every person who shares this message with at least 4 people/groups, you will then get an additional chance to win in this month’s raffle Please send screen shots of the shares to confirm!
Any questions, please let me know.

YTI admin.
[email protected]

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