YTI is the only game in town and the more support we have the more we will be able to achieve as we go into what will be a changed future. Currently, our training and production center is located in Lakewood, NJ and caters to boys ages 16-21. We have plans to open a desperately needed girls division, as well new centers in Deal, Monsey and Brooklyn. We also have plans to open additional non-music identity-building creative platforms so that we can accommodate an even wider amount of personality types. Your financial support will play a tremendous part in creating this dramatic shift in approach to what had been a widespread problem for way too long now. It is time to cherish our most out-of-the-box kids and recognize that they can accomplish things no one else can. YTI is leading the way and with your help, this is now very much within our grasp.
Thank you and Tizku L’mitzvos,
Chananya Begun
Founder of YTI