{This week’s song is dedicated with heart and soul to Yisroel Levin A”H and Elisheva Kaplan A”H, two individuals whose loss on Chol Hamoed along with the entire Klal Yisroel, deeply affected us. We should only know of simchas, and in their zchus strive to do as much good as possible on this earth and get stronger and stronger so we can then do even more good, while we still have the time.}
Welcome to this week’s beautiful YTI Erev Shabbos release! We decided to switch gears this time, going for a combination of classic Jewish, country and rock to create something edgy, emotional, deep and very singable. Here is a brand new song “Misratzeh” – we are extra proud of this one! Composed/vocals by Chananya Begun featuring the heartfelt lead vocals of our own Yisroel Leib Glatzer and Moshe Levy’s middle eastern flavor, the dynamic guitar sound of Yisroel Gugenheim who just continues to amaze us, and Chaim Eisemann backing them up with some vocals of his own. This is a special one. Share, enjoy it and have a wonderful Shabbos.
Link to YouTube: